iExpressPay Advantage

iExpressPay Advantage iExpressPay Advantage! ® v3.00
The Tracker-Series | Generation 3

Internet-Based card present
event payment processing services.

Keep More Hard Earned Event Profits

iExpressPay AdvantageEnhance the collection of your event revenue with payment processing from Northwest Software Technologies! Through our PCI-DSS certified virtual terminal technology, Tracker-Series end-users accept and process credit and debit cards at any event safely and securely, without the worry of exposing constituent's sensitive financial data.

iExpressPay Advantage! provides a complete Internet-based, virtual payment processing solution for ExpressPay Advantage and the Tracker-Series application suite. Our solution is designed to process a wide variety of payment classifications for both gala and online events from one merchant account. iExpressPay Advantage is powered NLP Secure of Boise, Idaho.

Direct Integration w/Banquet-Tracker

Eliminate manual payment posting at your event. Complete bi-directional integration between Banquet-Tracker and iExpressPay Advantage ensures accurate, automated posting of financial transactions.

PCI-DSS Compliant

Only PCI-DSS card processing vendors are authorized to participate and provide card processing services to the Banquet-Tracker end-user community.

Direct Relationships

Why put your money at great financial risk by having software vendors use "their" own or third party card processing accounts to process your money? A process known as aggregating.

Northwest Software is the only event fundraising software publisher that puts the financial relationship where it belongs, between your organization and the card processor as contractually required by Visa/MasterCard. No 3rd party aggregation of accounts.

NLP Secure Processing Features

NLP Secure processing provides the following features for event fundraising payment processing:
  • Card processing services are available anywhere in the United States and Canada.

  • Eliminates expensive, long-term three and five year contracts and their associated fees.

  • Eliminates expensive, early termination fees. Start and stop your merchant account as needed, on your terms!

  • Eliminates terminal rentals and all shipping costs. Purchase inexpensive Magtek Mini Readers one time and reuse with each event.

  • Consolidate and use one NLP Secure merchant account for all event card processing needs; gala banquet events, guest registration (MyEvent Registration), sponsorships and much more!

  • Make use of a multi-level password secured, Internet-based virtual terminal for access to all aspects of event fundraising card processing from a personal computer.

  • Secure Internet access to all financial reporting.
    (Complete access to all payment processing information 24/7 via the web is included with your account.)

Contractual Obligations

Signed Visa/MasterCard merchant agreements are required for this service. The following option is only available to nonprofit organizations:
  • Option #1: "Per-Event" Visa Merchant Agreement
    Merchant agreement is written on a per-event basis (2 to 3 months), carries a small monthly account charge and no account termination charges. Mandatory long-term commitments and fees are eliminated! You only pay when the account is in use.

  • Option #2: Standard Visa Merchant Agreement
    Merchant agreement is written on a multi-year basis, carries the same small monthly account charge as the short-term agreement described above. On-Going account also includes additional features such as Automated Recurring Donation & Payment, Electronic Check Processing, Online Giving Webpage and Remote Deposit.

Option #1
Merchant Rates and Contractual Fees

U.S. Based Rates for this program are very simple and have no hidden charges. (Effective 12/11/17)
  • Merchant rate under this program are highly competitive with an effective rate of 3.49% for Visa, MasterCard and Discover.

  • Monthly Account Fee - $25.00

  • Magtek USB Swiper: $100/each - Includes ground shipping. Purchase one time and reuse with each event.
Contact our corporate office at 425.252.7287 or via email at for more information and to sign up.